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Coolrooms for School Fetes and Functions

Planning a school fete, event, athletics or swimming sport and recreational carnival is no small task, as in all things the first step is to define general goals and objects with the primary concern is to plan a program that will be most beneficial to those participating in it.

In just about any type weather, hot or cool days there is a need to keep food, drinks and a number of other things cool and fresh. School fetes are normally held in the hotter months and because of the size and amount of stalls keeping thing cool before they go on to tables for sale can be an issue. The meat for the BBQ or sausage sizzle should always be kept in a cool place.

At athletics or swimming carnivals people often bring their own food and drink that remains in a hot bag and sweating waiting to be consumed.

Water is essential on event days and cool water is better than hot, then there are First Aid kits to consider, somewhere to keep towels cool and the list builds.

It is somewhat difficult to carry a fridge or have a fried delivered, Elite mobile Cool room Hire can supply a number of different size cool rooms right to the event site all that is required is a power source. A mobile cool room can be set up in a few minutes, and as the room is mobile it can be moved from place to place on the site and placed where it is needed. Once the event is over someone from Elite will call and collect the room, no fuss.

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