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In the summer months in NSW it can get very hot and Building sites can get even hotter!

On hot construction sites workers can be heat effected and dehydrated, labourers, tradesmen all the workers and staff wear hard hats and steel cap boots and carry tools or plans around most of the day and they get HOT, excessive heat can be very uncomfortable at best and then fatal at worst!

Placing a Mobile Cool Room on site gives these workers a place to keep lunches and drinks cool and refreshing, a cool bottle of water can solve many issues! A simple thing like placing a pillow or cushion in to the cool room when you start work and when on a break it can be a great place to sit!

Remember it is a COOL ROOM not a freezer

A Mobile Cool Room can also store all those build site needs that need to be kept in a cooler place.

Employers are normally legally obliged to provide onsite workers with drinking water. It does not have to be chilled, but if you had a Mobile Cool Room on site you could also put some tap water in a bottles and have cool drink for everyone that works or enters the site.

You can keep just about anything cool in a mobile cool room from Elite Mobile Coolroom Hire

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